30 May 2013
signs pacts with renowned global cruise corporation and exclusive clubhouse in Macau to develop cost-effective and innovative sales channels for high-end market
(30 May 2013 – Hong Kong) Milan Station Holdings Limited (“Milan Station” or the “Group”; stock code: 1150) today announced that it has entered into separate cooperation agreements with a world-class sizable cruise corporation and an exclusive clubhouse in Macau to open sales channels at entertainment premises to sell luxury handbags. According to the agreements, Milan Station will set up sales counters on a cruise ship and at an exclusive clubhouse. The Group will initially open a point of sales on the cruise ship and at the clubhouse each, and plan to establish four to five more such points of sales in coming year.
The Group reached a cooperation agreement with Star Cruises (HK) Limited (“Star Cruises”), a world-renowned cruise corporation, to open a “Milan Station” sales counter on its large cruise ship called “Star Pisces”. Due to positive initial market response, the Group will seek to set up sales counters on Star Cruises’ two other world-class cruise ships, namely “SuperStar Aquarius” and “SuperStar Gemini” through further cooperation. The sales counters will be operated and managed by the cruise staff, and the Group will provide regular sales trainings to the front-line staff and offer commissions to the cruise company according to sales performance.
Meanwhile, demand for high-end brand products in Macau has been growing on the back of the city’s booming gaming and tourism industry. To capitalize on this development, the Group has been devising better strategy and stepping up efforts to develop Macau’s luxury handbag market. As part of this effort, the Group has succeeded in striking a deal with an exclusive clubhouse in Macau to set up a point of sales in the latter’s entertainment premises. Through the new sales channel, Milan Station will be able to sell handbags of a number of internationally renowned fashion brands to customers with high spending power.
Mr. Yiu Kwan Tat, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group said, “We collaborate with a world-class sizable cruise company and an exclusive clubhouse in Macau to start a new cost-effective sales model. We believe that such collaboration will enable us to effectively target customers with high spending power, develop news sales channel, and reduce operating costs such as rents and salaries. We will continue to seek opportunities for cooperation with third parties and optimize marketing strategies according to market demand so as to further strengthen our leading market position in Hong Kong and Greater China region.”